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Homeforexchange.com Website Review & Ratings + HomeForExchange Coupons

HomeForExchange is a service that connects people from different points of the world with a shared interest in swapping homes for a period of time. It is one of the most successful strategies for cost effective vacationing and accomplishes two extremely vital things. First, it allows each participant to explore one of their dream destinations at zero cost to them for their accommodations. Secondly, because they are not paying for their place of residency they're able to save a substantial amount of money. The process is a great way to level the playing field when it comes to ensuring dream vacations do not conflict with the structure of the participants finances.

HomeForExchange offers a very professional and personable experience. They offer customer service guidance that helps walk you through their easy ad placement and negotiation strategies. This establishment even offers an eight minute video on their site that gives you a walk-through on the benefits of utilizing their resources. All of your questions are answered and they even permit you to study a mock contractual agreement they utilize to solidify the exchange between their patrons. In addition to all of this, they have a section that addresses the most asked questions which provides a great opportunity to clarify any apprehensions potential candidates might have. Here is how their process works:

HomeForExchange: What makes it different?

Video tutorial - if you have never utilized a home exchange program before this video tutorial is the perfect introduction to both the possibilities and what you need to take into account before committing yourself to the process.

Sample of an exchange contract - not all contracts are created the same, but this sample agreement helps you wrap your mind around what you need to feel secure with your chosen house exchange guests. The industry-standard language utilized shows you where your protected and makes the process a carefree experience.

The most 15 asked questions forum – it is quite common to be concerned about homeowners insurance coverage and how it might change if you sublet your home out to the exchange program. This is one in many of the most sought after answers for those wanting to feel they have taken all the necessary precautions. This establishment has answered this question and many others to ensure their constituents are thoroughly informed and confident decision makers.

New Listings - your never kept in the dark as your membership with this establishment ensures you will be kept in the loop by receiving e-mail notifications. To ensure that you are not bombarded with listings that are not of interest to you, only the ones that cater to your vacation dreams will be passed on to you.

Last Minutes - Some of the most memorable experience are those spontaneous ones you never saw coming. If you find yourself searching at the very last minute there is a section on this site that caters to that need.

Recommendations - is a section were gratified consumers could not help but post their experience of a pocket within the world they want to encourage others to experience for themselves. These are the testimonials of individuals who chronicled their journeys and added pictures for your pleasure.

HomeForExchange vs. primary competitors (sites similar to HomeForExchange)

HomeExchange.com prides themselves on being number one in the home exchange industry and has been helping consumers acquired their dream destination since 1992. They offer 36 years of combined experience and have facilitated successful exchanges throughout the US and other far-off destinations. They offer a variety of package prices to ensure their customers can experience their services before finalizing their membership. They offer a variety of resources that cater to the needs of couples and entire families searching to create the ultimate vacationing experience. their website has very inspirational pictures they were able to capture us they were seeking to capture the possibilities their viewers might be interested. They offer e-mail and phone assistance to those who would like to speak with a seasoned representative.

SwapYourHome.com does not have a section on their site that gives insight into their years in business within the home exchange industry. I could not find a contact phone number for their customer support department but they do offer viewers an e-mail option to correspond with them. They offer a number of resources on their site that gives information on how the home exchange program works through their establishment. One can also scree an abundance of the countries they permit their constituents to enter into negotiations with. One impressive resource they provide is a version of their site in a series of different languages.

HomeForExchange: Pricing & packages

HomeForExchange: Membership - Includes: the ability to add your own home online including all details, ability to Contact other members by email or phone. Add unlimited photos or videos, receive a weekly update on exchange matches and unlimited access and 24/7 support.

  • 1 Year: US $ 59.00
  • 2 Year: US $ 88.00
  • 3 Year: US $ 110.00

HomeExchange.com - Most packages includes: Unlimited Exchanges - No additional per-day or per-exchange fees, Your own Listing is posted so you will receive inquiries from other Members. Also access to Member Page Special Features: Saved Listings and send an Inquiry to multiple recipients. Notification when new Listings come in from areas you are interested in, a history of the emails you've sent/received and Free Newsletter.

  • Silver 1 Year: $9.95 a month or 3 months at $15. 95 a month
  • Gold 1 Year: $500.00 a year
  • Bronze: is Free with limited access and features

SwapYourHome.com -Most packages includes: Posting your home and negotiate with others who are interested in exchanging with you. They offers many resources in their FAQ section to help facilitate the process.

  • 6 month Subscription $38.00
  • 12 month Subscription $55.00
  • 24 month Subscription $102.00

Each establishment accepts standard credit card payments to stabilize memberships. In some cases the payments can be spread out over a period of time. While in others they require a one time fee to complete the process in its entirety.

HomeForExchange: Product images & screenshots
HomeForExchange Coupons
Get Rent your holiday apartment for Free @ HomeForExchange
HomeForExchange: Customer reviews & comments

HomeForExchange is helping their patrons see the world with their trusted house swapping tactics. Below are some of the travelers who enjoyed their processes and state claims of being more than willing to do it all over again:

" We cannot thank this family enough for an unforgettable holiday in the middle of Vero beach, they were very helpful with everything, and really made the holiday easy and relaxing. We quickly fell in love with the place. It is a great place to be -especially with children. Everything is nearby the beach, a number of beautiful parks and playgrounds, take outs, shopping you name it. Even for daytrips it is in the middle of it all.
We highly recommend their home for those who want to enjoy the very best of Florida.
Thank you so very much, we look forward seeing you in Denmark. " Read more...

" Thank you to Willem and Ellis for a lovely stay in their home. The house was close to central Auckland with easy access to other areas in Auckland. We found the house very clean and well organised. The garden was lush and very relaxing and private. We found the house set up well, with helpful instructions and neighbour. We recommend Willem and Ellis' home and had a very pleasant stay. On returning to our home we found it well looked after and very clean, and the garden improved under their care." Read more...

" Terri and Jo spent time in our house while we were on holidys, but did stay also while we were there. They looked after our house very well. They are a great couple and we had a lot of fun together, sharing lots of laughs. We are going to visit them in July next year to stay in their house. I would highly recommend Jo and Terri to any other prospective house swappers. " Read more...

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